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General Laminating Slitting Machine

This machine is a narrow strip slitter, used for new energy and electronic use of foil, film, paper, and other materials.
Such as electricity-insulated paper, mica tape, copper foil, aluminum foil, aluminum plastic film, PET film, hot melt adhesive composite material, PI film, battery diaphragm, etc.

General Laminating Slitting Machine Features

  • Unwinding adopts pneumatic automatic lifting, and integrated feeding structure.
  • Automatic EPC system for edge position correction: ultrasonic sensor, servo system drive.
  • Adopting a pneumatic automatic feeding structure can reduce the labor of the worker and has a higher efficiency.
  • Unwinding adopts magnetic powder brake control unwinding tension, automatic tension control system.
  • Adopts the upper and lower round knife to cut the material, no burr edge, no snake shape (optional: air knife).
  • Adopts dual-axis for rewinding: center + surface winding structure, winding end face is flat.
  • Adopts magnetic powder clutch to control rewinding tension, automatic tension control system.
  • Adopts rotary structure for roll unloading, unloading is more convenient.
  • The main motor adopts frequency conversion to control, a large torque vector power output.
  • Automatic length control, when reaches the set length machine automatically slows down and stops.
  • PLC programming control, touch screen operation, automatic tension control.
General Laminating Slitting Machine
Model NO.TM-512
Max. Unwinding width600mm
Max. Unwinding diameterØ 600mm
Max. Rewinding diameterØ400mm
Fit core diameterØ3inch
Min. slitting width6mm
slitting tolerance±0.1mm
Max. slitting speed120m/min
Voltage380V 50HZ
Max. power5.5KW

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